Quality Assurance

Food safety standards of export produce have emerged to be one of the most important concerns in horticultural production.

It’s the company’s policy to supply produce with highest threshold standards of high quality and safety products for human consumption.

MRL’s have become very common in export business. There is a big gap at the farm level as farmers have not fully realized the need to keep farm records. With this knowledge we have continued to invest heavily in bridging this gap and facilitated continued training for our farmers. Through this partnership with our growers we have realized improved ethical and technical requirements.

We have been certified by GAP and Horticultural Crops Development Agency (H.C.D.A) for our continued conformity with the international standards. Our continued commitment is to serve our markets with best quality, fresh, safe and hygienic for human consumption.

We have continued to attest to this by the increased client list

Our other qualities include:

  • Qualified and experienced staffs
  • Solid expertise on fresh produce field
  • Staff paying attention to any detail
  • Local experience


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