Kenya Beans Export

We export the following types of beans:  

• Sugar snaps (sweeter and rounder on the edges compared to snow peas)
• French beans
• Snow peas

Sugar snap bears the same characteristics as snow peas. It is packed in 2kg box loosely or prepacked in punnets.

Snow peas are packed loosely or punneted  ( prepacked) it depends with the client requirements and the packaging mode and the method.

French beans.

French beans are harvested at different sizes. We export:

  1. Extra fine- Young and short in size.
  2. Super fine- Next from extra
  3. Fine beans- The long grown and long.

They are usually packed loosely in 2, 2.5 and 3 kg boxes or pre-packed in punnets and also perforated polythene papers. They are also trimmed in the tail and top which depends with clients orders.


Kenya Fresh Exports

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